Welcome To the 3rd Battalion Website

The Third Battalion consists of 9 Fire Departments in the East Suburbs of Monroe County New York.
Through agreements, coordinated training, common practices and shared resources, we seamlessly work together to provide the public with the best possible fire protection available.

We are Together and Proud

Current Chief's

  • Brighton  - Chief  Stephen MacAdam,  3C-10
  • Bushnell's Basin   - Chief LJ Sutherland   , 3C-11
  • East Rochester   - Chief Matt Parrone,  3C-12
  • Egypt  - Chief  Dave Rearson,  3C-13
  • Fairport    - Chief  Jay DeWitt ,  3C-14
  • Fishers   - Chief  Andy Stromfeld  3C-25
  • Mendon    - Chief  Lance Marchese,  3C-16
  • Penfield    - Chief  Mike DeBree,  3C-17
  • Pittsford - Chief  Ryan Furber,  3C-18
  • 3rd Battalion Coordinator - Tom Santillo, Car 803
  • 3rd Battalion Asst. Coordinator - Aaron Hiller, Car 813
  • 3rd Battalion Secretary - John Alfieri